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Jhaveri' in Indian language means Jeweler. Our family name is derived from the profession which is continuing in our family through generations. The traditional family business developed into a global business with the wide experience and strategic efforts of two entrepreneur brothers Mr.Dilip Jhaveri & Mr.Sanat Jhaveri. Under the banner of ‘D.A. Jhaveri' the firm is involved in making "solitaires" since 1975.

Our second generation have successfully carried on this tradition which comprises of Marketing department, headed by young and enthusiastic leader Mr. Milin Jhaveri who handles the Mumbai office. Our manufacturing department is headed by a young, dynamic and methodical leader Mr Karan Jhaveri.  Mr Shalin Jhaveri procures the Rough Diamonds from Anterwp (Belgium) office.

In Search of Excellence

Situated in central Mumbai, our State-of-Art manufacturing facilities matching with the international standards of manufacturing and quality control. Each and every diamond is passed through a stringent quality control at every stage of manufacturing process. Be is selection of raw diamond to cutting plan, or polishing. It is our continuous effort to provide every customer "a well - made" stone and to continuously improve our own standards.
Being a family business, the new generation has great involvement in outperforming their own standards.
Matching International Standards

In order to have easy and authentic business with our customer, we certify our stones from Gemmological Institute Of America "GIA", International Gemmmological Institute "IGI" and Hoge Raad voor Diamant "HRD".

We stock an extensive inventory of "GIA" certified diamonds. 
"All our Diamonds are Laser Inscribed"

The Aim is to

  • Try and Give the Best made Diamonds but also to be Honest, Transparent and Committed to our Customers
  • Satisfy our customers by consistently providing personalised service  and prompt delivery.
  • Manufacture to international standards by using the latest technology and techniques.

Our Produts

We strive to manufacture stones at affordable rates, without compromising on quality. Our stones are range from 0.50cts upto 10cts from "D" to "P" color and fancy colors. Purities varying from "IF" to "I1". We also manufacture EX, EX, EX and Hearts and Arrow Makes.

Since the stone is cut according to its merits, we make

Brilliant Rounds
Square Emeralds
Princess cuts


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We produce far size stones at our factory spread over 8000 square feet area with a work strength of highly skilled craftsmen, the factory is located at downtown in Bombay. In-house developments and inputs from experts of various fields are sought regularly.

Manufacturing Process

In this millennium, a convergence of technology and craftsmanship is warranted to make an excellent cut stone. In order to achieve this, awareness is required at the levels of manufacturing.Idea is to maintain accuracy. Diamonds being so rare, it is hardly simple to describe the way it is made. Still to understand how brilliance and luster are achieved from rough form, we highlight certain process.

  • Planning: Depending upon the 4 c's the think-tank estimates the weight, color, clarity, shape. Estimated weights and shapes are then checked on Computer planners for conforming manual estimates.

  • Sawing/Cleaving: Preproduction process where the stone is divided in different forms for controlling purity and weight. To maintain accuracy the stones are laser marked before division.

  • Shape cutting and Brillianteering: The stone is "preblocked " to control the impurities and safeguard dangerous stones from further stages. The stone is then "prebruted "on machines having accuracy in microns. "Blocking" is the next stage where major amount of mass is cut and the stone gains conical shape.Service of automatic blocking machines are rendered for the same.. The stone then goes for "bruting" where perfection in roundness is achieved. The stone is then cross-worked where it is cut to requied angles. Whatever impurities needed to be controlled are to be done in "cross-working.". Facets are applied are around the girdle-"girdle Faceting" .Thereby increasing the brilliance around the girdle. "Brillianteering" is the last process whereby geometrical attributes of the stone is changed. Any minor corrections in blemishes(on surface) and impurities(inside the stone) can be corrected.

Computerised planning and analysis is used at every stage of the process. Surface finish and polishing characteristics are evaluated with the help of microscope.. Use of ERP systems helps in controlling the production line of the factory.

Quality Control

Each and every diamond is tested under stringent quality control.
Intention of this is to give every customer "a well - made" stone and to continuously improve our own standards.


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A diamond’s quality and value is judged on four fundamental characteristics, known as the Four C’s (4Cs). These are the clarity , colour , cut and carat weight of a diamond. The higher a diamond is graded on one or all of these characteristics, the scarcer and more costly the diamond will be.

Most of us will choose one or two of these characteristics at a higher grade at the expense of the others. This will reflect a personal preference. Some buyers prefer a large sized diamond and are not too concerned with the clarity. On the other hand some buyers look for a well cut diamond and will be prepared to compromise on size and clarity.

We invite you to discover more about diamonds and find out which characteristic is most important to you.
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We at D.A.Jhaveri strongly believe in the word "excellence", it permeates through every level of
our organisation.

By filling out the form below you can approach us directly with your business query, comments,
suggestions or complains regarding our products, website or services.

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 India Address
    C Tower CC - 5073, Bharat Diamond Bourse,
    Bandra Kurla complex (BKC),
    Bandra (E), Mumbai - 400051.
    Tel: +9122 40962222 / 26754777
    Fax: +9122 26754779
    Email : dajhaveri@dajhaveri.com
    Skype : mj9479

Belgium Address
    Hoveniersstraat 30, Office 149,
    2018, Antwerpen, Belgium.
    Tel : +323 2321118 | Email : diamtrade@telenet.be
    Skype : shalinjhaveri